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Site under construction:     George May

Having a website - even a great looking website - is no guarantee that it will generate inquiries.

Today the majority of all new business comes from internet searches.

Reach All executes internet marketing projects for its clients, including internet lead generation, non manipulative sales skills for today’s highly aware clients, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, and improving existing websites to generate results!

all business today has to be about results.

Reach All finds itself increasingly focused on working with clients who have the clear end in mind of getting the phone ringing or on receiving email contacts from new business clients

Our most recent case studies concern
creation of searchable content sites to maximise a project to support search optimization work and to broaden our service offerings.

Having a website - even a great looking website - is no guarantee any company will achieve its business goals.

 Reach All executes internet marketing projects for its clients, including search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, and improving existing sites to meet business goals better.

For many clients we go one step further, teaching the sales people how to convert a lead to a sale.

Many of our clients have, in writing, reported an increase of from 200% to 300% in conversion ratio increase in presentation to sale.

Reach All Search Engine Marketing: perception certainly is the key to persuasion

Did you know that 35% of internet users believe the top search engine listings are industry leaders for the topic searched.

Reach All E-Mail Marketing: How do you make sure your constituency and/or your customers remember you.

Reach All Site Improvement: Sometimes it is the things you don't see that impede the sales or client inquiry process.

 Call it cutting the abandonment rate, improving the lead collection ratio, or simply closing more sales, it is an important step toward achieving internet marketing success.

Reach All can help companies take advantage of proven methods of increasing the number of qualified prospects viewing a website and improving the number of lead generated per visit.

Reach All Improved sales results: Reach All also works with clients to improve sales results from their sales team, we are world leaders in this field with hundreds of Australian and international clients over the past 30 years:

While the programs differ from those offered for web site improvement, the results sought are the same - to improve the number and quality of leads generated, and to reduce the cost of those leads.

Doing business during the last 10 years has been revolutionized by the use of the Internet as a tool to generate leads.

Few consultants have lead generation and sales conversion ratios as a passion as does George N. May Managing director of Noble May & Associates an Australian and International Sales / Internet marketing company.

 “Most organisations are still relying on a salesperson to generate his or her own leads as well as traditional means of advertising,” May says. “That’s the predominant mode that we are dealing with right now. My anecdotal experience is that only one out of 10 to 20 companies have the presence and a mindset to try to generate leads from the Internet. The whole industry of net lead generation in Australia is years behind the rest of the world. Using traditional methods of advertising and lead generation such as newspaper ads & yellow pages was once the best form of advertising – today these methods are simply not what they were just a few years ago”

Web Sites: Reach All Lead Drivers

If a company wants to generate leads through the Internet, they must first make a serious investment in the development of a ‘lead catching’ Web site.

“Don’t try to do it yourself,” May says. “Don’t have your brother’s kid in high school set up the Web site. And a lot of them, that’s what they do. It’s a much more complex and sophisticated issue than that.”

A partnership needs to be built with a Web development firm such as Reach All.

Many clients make similar comments “They understand what our vision is,” “ they know the value of a lead’  “these people have all owned major businesses and know sales, marketing and the internet inside out” While May does not have hard and fast numbers as to how many leads are garnered due to his network of Web site, May says it  is in the thousands per month. “We get an incredible amount of leads through our sites,” he says.

 “The Internet makes it very easy for the shopper to compare prices and products real easily,” Many times a prospect will call after finding a competitive price for a product that they are searching for on the site.

The log-in allows clients a view of their purchases, information and the ability to cross reference supply delivery after they enter an access code on the Web site.

“This functionality can be a major selling point for prospective customers who typically do not want to spend a lot of time on the Internet making supply purchases. Individual pages with the customer’s logo and information can be set up, creating a one-on-one virtual relationship over the Internet.

“The salesperson can set this up with the customer so that anyone inside the customer’s enterprise can order anytime they want over their site,” May says. “In that page are the products that you buy and your prices and no one else has access to that except you. That is a best practice.”

In turn, this functionality allows the company to concentrate on building its client base and chase strong leads.

A Web site must be kept fresh by allocating resources to maintain and update the site for marketing purposes.

“You create the Web site and the next week you tweak it and the next week you tweak it. It never ends,” May says. “You can’t just think of it as an event, you have to think of it as an ongoing process. You need that mindset and to create a relationship with someone who is a professional in the Web business and allocate the resources long term.”

The Web site network and huge portfolio of domain names also sets a tone for May as an authority in the industry for those prospective clients who are searching for a trusted, knowledgeable internet lead generator .

“Our internet methodologies, partners and expertise shows the depth of what we offer. We understand the business and we want to be a partner and provide resources in total, more than just products,” May says. “Our Web sites are designed to demonstrate what we can offer as a company”

Another way to drive traffic and potential clients is to form an agreement with vendors to have a link to a distributor Web site. Proactive marketing efforts over the Internet can also be beneficial such as e-mail blasts that send out messages to potential clients, Webinars regarding new facets or products throughout the industry, or electronic newsletters that describe new products or sales the distributor is offering.

“All of these things are ways to bring people to the Web site,” May says. “You should continuously look for people to link to, places to link to, you can continuously look for groups or lists of people. It’s a forever project.”

One of the approaches that some in the Web marketing industry agree with is to view the Web site as a human employee that needs to be nurtured and trained. Much like an employee, if they are not treated with respect, they will become less valuable of an asset to the company.

“What we have found is that we get a lot of inquiries through the Web site,” says May, whose site gets about 17,000 hits a month and is responsible for 10 to 15 percent of the company’s sales. “It’s like a silent salesperson out there. They are there 24 hours a day and there is virtually very little cost to it, as long as you keep it maintained to date and current. Just another median to approach the customer with.”

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